Mission and values

The Global Impact Producers Alliance (GIPA) is a community-led network, nurturing impact producers and amplifying their work. The purpose of GIPA is for members to access and exchange resources, share successful strategy ideas and partnerships, so that collectively we can bring well-crafted and powerful social issue media to core audiences through impact campaigns that make a difference. 

After gathering in March 2022 in our first ever Visioning Retreat (thanks to the support of the StoryBoard Collective), we held space and time to think about what GIPA means to us, to the community and a commitment to change through storytelling when we work collaboratively: 

  • We emphasize global, aiming to decentralize impact production by creating a community led network that amplifies the voices of the diverse regions and cultures represented in the collective.
  • Create an accessible and inclusive space, acting in solidarity by sharing our knowledge and experiences with one another. 
  • Celebrate, innovate and center around collective care 
  • Transparency and accountability through non extractive, anti competitive impact producing as we are flexible, compassionate and supportive. 

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