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Samantha Dols

United States
Climate Change, Child Welfare, Education, Racial Injustice, Gun Violence, Hunger/Food insecurity, Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice Reform, Refugee Crisis and Immigration, Labor issues, Aging, Human Rights
Impact Producing, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Crafting Classroom Materials
Cultural/racial identity:
Caucasian, white, European
Self identification:


Samantha is passionate about creativity and social change. She currently works as an Impact Producer for Optimist, based in Los Angeles. Prior to this, she founded the World Lens Foundation, which connects students from around the world through visual storytelling to promote empathy and cross-cultural collaboration. She has worked and consulted for various international film festivals and organizations, including Sundance, Tribeca, Washington West, and the Open Society Foundations. While completing her doctorate at American University, she taught undergraduates and collaborated on several research projects and publications focused on impact media, imagination, and participatory storytelling.