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Liz Marshall

Climate Change, LGBTQIA+, Racial Injustice, Hunger/Food insecurity, Economic Injustice, Women and Girls, Animal Welfare, Gender violence , Human Rights
Impact Producing, Consulting, Alternative Distribution, Mentorship
Cultural/racial identity:
European mix, white
Self identification:
Gender fluid


An award-winning Canadian filmmaker who has written, directed, produced and filmed multiple impactful documentaries around the globe since the 1990s, Liz Marshall’s current documentary Meat The Future (2021), chronicles the birth of the “cultivated meat” industry through the eyes of a visionary CEO, Dr. Uma Valeti. Proposing a game-changing solution towards a sustainable climate future. Liz Marshall helped to open our eyes to the inhumanity of animals exploited for food, fashion, entertainment, and research with her 2013 critically acclaimed film The Ghosts in Our Machine, featuring the work of animal rights photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur; Midian Farm (2018) unearths Liz’s formative family history about an Ontario-based 1970s back-to-land social experiment. Water on the Table (2010) chronicles the human right to water amidst a global water crisis following Maude Barlow’s appointment as U.N. Senior Advisor on Water to the President of the 63rd Session of the United Nations.