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Liz Manashil

United States
Women and Girls
Alternative Distribution
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Post-graduation from USC Film School, Liz spent several years as a film critic for the PBS/Hulu series JUST SEEN IT (which she also helped produce and direct). Overlapping this, Liz worked with distribution expert Peter Broderick. In 2016, Liz became the manager of Sundance's groundbreaking Creative Distribution Initiative until the program's close in 2019. As a filmmaker, her debut feature, BREAD AND BUTTER, was called “an absolute must-watch for women everywhere” by HelloGiggles. It was released by The Orchard and can be seen on VOD nearly everywhere. Her second feature, SPEED OF LIFE, was released by Giant Pictures, could be seen on Showtime, and was called, "Delightful in just about every way" by noted film critic Tim Cogshell. After a year of working in impact distribution at Picture Motion, Liz is now a freelance distribution consultant spending her time advocating for filmmakers to have healthy and productive relationships with their distribution partners. She recently, along with Dear Producer, published a landmark series of interviews with distributors: Distributors Fact Sheet and has supported The Film Collaborative's Distributor ReportCard. She's the co-host of hit filmmaking podcast, Making Movies Is Hard!!!