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Lisa Deluc

United States
English, French, Spanish
Health/Healthcare, Education, Labor issues, Women and Girls
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Designing impact guides, Alternative Distribution
Cultural/racial identity:
White European
Self identification:


Lisa Deluc has a variety of experience in independent film distribution and festival programming. After studying film at the University of Oregon’s Honors College she worked on programming and outreach initiatives for Northwest Film Forum and the Bendfilm Festival. In the late summer of 2022 she joined 8 Above the independent distribution company where she has worked on impact campaigns for films like American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System, N of 1, and Sam Now. She recently worked on the national and international distribution of Keys Bags Names Words a hopeful film about Alzheimer's and other dementias and the impact campaign of the animated film My Love Affair with Marriage by Signe Baumane.