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Lisa Allen

Japan, United States
English, Japanese
LGBTQIA+, Education, Racial Injustice, Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice Reform, Economic Injustice, Privacy and Surveillance, Labor issues, Voting Rights, Women and Girls, Human Rights
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Campaign Implementation, Alternative Distribution
Cultural/racial identity:
Multiracial; Japanese-British-American
Self identification:


Lisa Y Allen has more than ten years of experience running impact & distribution campaigns and managing partnerships for documentary films, festivals, and nonprofit organizations. She has worked on more than a dozen impact campaigns, securing funds, launching email campaigns, organizing events, running social media, and pitching and booking film screenings and speaking engagements. She has served as Impact Director and Director of Partnership on film teams such as Mama Has a Mustache (2021), This Might Hurt (2020), Motherland (2019), City of Trees (2015), and more. Previously, she was Festival Manager at Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival and Head of Outreach at Kyoto Journal. Her personal mission is to elevate diverse voices to collectively create a world of peace and unity. Learn more about her work: