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Emmy Oost

Dutch, English, French
Climate Change, Disability Rights, LGBTQIA+, Racial Injustice, Refugee Crisis and Immigration, Economic Injustice, Women and Girls, Gender violence , Human Rights
Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Campaign Implementation, Alternative Distribution
Cultural/racial identity:
White, European
Self identification:


Emmy Oost studied Literature & Linguistics and started working as a film producer for Johan Grimonprez, an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and artist from Belgium who directed a.o. DOUBLE TAKE (premiered in Berlinale & Sundance). She founded the production company Cassette for timescapes in 2010. As a film producer she received the Flanders Cultural Prize for Film in 2015 for a slate of migration films. She participated in the GoodPitch 2017 with THE INVISIBLE CITY by Lieven Corthouts and ran its 3 year impact campaign. In 2019 she founded Filmpact, the organisation that builds the impact field in Flanders, that trains impact producers and coaches impact teams.