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Emmi Nuorgam

Climate Change, LGBTQIA+, Racial Injustice, Women and Girls, Human Rights
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor
Cultural/racial identity:
sápmi, sami, finnish
Self identification:


Emmi Nuorgam (Goržán Bávvála Armasa Emmi) is a sámi human rights activist, impact producer of the Suvi West's documentaries Eatnameamet - Our Silent Struggle and Máhccan - The Homecoming, podcast host and an award winning influencer. She is part of the Sámiid rievttit DÁL (Sámi Rights NOW) movement, which is currently fighting for Sámi Parliament Act Law and Sámi people's right for self-determination in Finland. Nuorgam has won several prizes for her work on human rights and gender equality. Since 2020 Nuorgam has been working as an impact producer with Suvi West’s documentary film Eatnameamet - Our Silent Struggle. The documentary has been a catalyst for a historical collaboration between the Peace Education Institute, the leading peace education organisation in Finland, and the School Cinema Association. Furthermore, parts of the documentary have been subsequently used in social studies learning materials across Finnish schools. Eatnameamet won the annual state award for information publication from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, The Church Media Foundation award, and the Tampere Film Festival audience award. Since 2022, Nuorgam has been working with Suvi West on her new documentary film, Máhccan – Homecoming. Máhccan takes place in the changing museum world. The Sámi artifacts of the Finnish National Museum are returning home to Saami at the same time as the sacred drums of the Sámi are still stuck in museums around Europe. In his film, West takes the viewer behind the scenes of the museum world to consider the right of reproduction and cultural inequality, the colonial history of state museums and the inevitable change of museums. Through the heritage to be returned, West faces collective pains and sets out to break the image of the Sámi given from the outside - not for compensation, but for the well-being of his entire people.