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Elsie Kariuki

Climate Change, Hunger/Food insecurity, Conflict, Security & Peace, Women and Girls, Animal Welfare, Human Rights
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Campaign Implementation, Designing impact guides, Alternative Distribution
Cultural/racial identity:
Black African, Kenyan
Self identification:


Elsie is a dynamic and results-oriented professional with over 15 years of experience working in the intersection of film, media, local communities, and environmental and wildlife conservation. With knowledge and experience in project design, implementation and management, as well as communications for nature-related and community development projects, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Elsie is a natural leader, known for her exceptional organizational skills, resourcefulness, and unwavering dependability. Her skill set includes documentary production, video filming and editing, project planning and management, environmental impact assessment, communications, public awareness campaigns, advocacy and lobbying, media and public relations. Elsie's passion lies in driving impactful initiatives and effectively engaging stakeholders to support causes related to conservation, climate action, and environmental justice. Her most notable impact campaign is the co-development and coordination of a powerful public awareness campaign focused on combating the illegal bushmeat trade in Kenya. This groundbreaking campaign centered around the Kiswahili docu-drama, "Mizoga," stands as a testament to her commitment to making a positive difference for people and nature.