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Egbert Wits

Australia, Indonesia
Dutch, English, German, Malay
Climate Change, Technology & Data, Human Rights
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Impact Strategist/Advisor
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Egbert has been active in the field of international development in Southeast Asia for nearly 20 years. Specializing in impact oriented working practices, training design and facilitation, community empowerment, and the use of media and arts for development. As senior program and research manager of EngageMedia, a non-profit media, technology, and culture organisation that uses the power of video, the Internet, and open technologies to create social and environmental change, Egbert co-edited the Video for Change Impact Toolkit, a guide for practitioners working on short form documentary in close collaboration with affected communities in the Global South. The impact toolkit offers a holistic impact model, focused on all stages of production, guiding users in strategizing for safe and ethical impact production practices. After nearly two decades in Indonesia, Egbert recently moved to New South Wales, Australia, where he lectures in Anthropology and leads a collaborative research effort on the role of Javanese Traditional Arts practices in rural communities of Magelang, Central Java, today.