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Diego Lagos

Education, Gun Violence, Hunger/Food insecurity, Refugee Crisis and Immigration, Human Rights
Impact Producing
Cultural/racial identity:
Self identification:
male / Masculino


Economist from the National University of Colombia and Specialist in Social Research Methods at the Latin American Council of Social Sciences CLACSO in Argentina. I studied Documentary Photography at the Zona Cinco Film and Photography School. I have taken the Diplomas in Communication for Social Transformation at the Pedagogical University of Colombia and in Journalism and Migration at the Jose Marti Institute of Journalism in Cuba; in addition to documentary photography workshops with photographers Federico Rios at MAMBO and Camilo Diaz in the Amazon. Since 6 years ago I started to use photography as a communicative and investigative tool. I have been collaborating with media such as Periódico El Campesino, Cuarto de Hora, La Oreja Roja, Arcadia and Rolling Stones Magazine, among others. I have also photographic reports for media such as Semana Rural and El Espectador 2020. In 2018 I launched my first documentary called "zanqueando en palafitos" at the First World Forum of Critical Thinking in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently participating as co-director of the short documentary "Paysans en Colombie". A Colombian-French production French production that addresses multiple processes of peasant resistance of territorial and environmental type in the departments of Cauca and environmental resistance processes in the departments of Cauca and Caquetá. In 2021 my photographic work was selected by the magazine Enfoque Visual, in the category of emerging photographer, as part of the group of best Latin American photographers recommended. Latin American photographers. In the area of research, I have participated as a researcher in the Gender Observatory of Nariño and the Land Observatory of the National University. In the latter I researched in the project Drugs and Dis(order) in border areas in Colombia (Putumayo, Norte de Santander and Nariño), Myanmar and Afghanistan, thereby promoting new, more rigorous and less stigmatising narratives about drugs in the country, such as the documentary photography gallery "Dinero Fácil", in which I participated as a researcher and photographer. Win the GABO Foundation's Latin American New Narratives on Drugs Fellowship 2023 Win the Docco Labs 2023 Latin American Social Impact Fellowship in Colombia.