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David Onabanjo

United States
Disability Rights, Child Welfare, Education, Racial Injustice, Gun Violence, Human Rights
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Crafting Classroom Materials, Designing impact guides
Cultural/racial identity:
Nigerian, Black
Self identification:


Hi! My name is David Onabanjo and I'm an artist, educator, and communication specialist from the Bronx, New York. My lifelong goal is to use film, art, and other mediums to let underrepresented communities know “you were right all along.” More importantly, I also work to advocate for change within the systems labeling communities as incorrect, unreasonable, unimportant, or any other narrative meant to gaslight them out of their needs and wants. I love all things Black and (almost) all things media, and always love being in community with all types of advocates and creatives. As an annoyingly organized creative and thinker, I’ve played various types of roles in community-based initiatives. My skills include message building, multimedia communication, educational materials building, facilitation, visual arts/design, and experience building (such as events or installations!) Some of my go-to materials that describe what I’m into are “The Art of Gathering: Why we meet and why it matters” by Priya Parker and "Pleasure Activism" by Adrienne Marie Brown.