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Danna Rosenthal

United States
Climate Change, Child Welfare, Education, Gun Violence, Women and Girls, Animal Welfare, Gender violence , Human Rights
Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Campaign Implementation
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Danna is dedicated to working on Social Impact Entertainment initiatives and putting her experience towards creative activism and social good through her PR/Marketing experience and changing the world through advocacy initiatives. Danna served as Manager, Sponsorship, Strategic PR and Events at the International Documentary Association (IDA) working on exciting events, overseeing the three-month long Screening Series in the fall, conceptualizing PR initiatives, cultivating sponsors and trade/partnerships for the organization and has also worked on the IDA Documentary Awards as Awards Submissions Manager. Danna was part of the social impact/outreach/strategy team for the film Screened Out, which addresses screen addition in both adults and children and supports the CAMRA Act, a bipartisan bill which would authorize the NIH to lead research program on technology and media’s effects on infants, children and adolescents in core areas of cognitive physical and socio-emotional development. Danna also worked on the social impact/outreach on the documentary Cirque du Cambodia, which shows how art education works for children who are disadvantaged and at-risk. Danna’s other social impact films are for Without Exception Films LLC bringing attention to child marriage and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and The Dark Hobby dealing with the salt water aquarium trade and the devastating effects to both the fish and the environment and Losing Sight - Inside the Myopia Epidemic currently in production about the rise of myopia in children and risk of ocular diseases later on in life. Danna is currently creating a social impact screening series under the LLC Positive Disruption Impact. The hope is to invite films/TV in both narrative and documentary formats addressing “hot button” issues and giving tools to the audience to create awareness, volunteer/get involved, and help support or pass legislation.