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Danielle Turkov Wilson

Belgium, United Kingdom
English, French, Russian, Spanish
Human Rights
Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor
Cultural/racial identity:
British Other/European
Self identification:


Danielle Turkov Wilson, Think-Film Founder & CEO, is a global leader in film impact, pioneering an inspirational new vision for how film can influence high-level policy and drive tangible change for communities. Before founding Think-Film, Danielle worked within the highest levels of creative policy strategy in President Martin Schulz’ Cabinet in the EU as well as members of parliament across the EU spearheading many projects on radicalisation, minority rights and women’s empowerment. A leader in impact programmes, Think-Film pioneered Cannes impACT 2021, for a more sustainable and impactful industry. In 2022, we co-launched newly integrated impact programming at Locarno Film Festival.