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Amelia Hapsari

Climate Change, Disability Rights, LGBTQIA+, Child Welfare, Education, Racial Injustice, Gun Violence, Hunger/Food insecurity, Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice Reform, Refugee Crisis and Immigration, Economic Injustice, Privacy and Surveillance, Technology & Data, Labor issues, Voting Rights, Women and Girls, Aging, Animal Welfare, Gender violence , Human Rights
Impact Producing, Alternative Distribution
Cultural/racial identity:
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Amelia Hapsari is currently the Framework Change Leader of Ashoka Southeast Asia, where she builds an Everyone a Changemaker world, together with school ecosystem and family ecosystem in Indonesia. Previously, she was the Program Director of In-Docs, where she connects Indonesian and Southeast Asian documentary films with funding, distribution, and various stakeholders that helped documentary films to create important conversations and impact. She is the co-creator of Docs By The Sea, Good Pitch Southeast Asia, Good Pitch Indonesia, and Dare to Dream Asia.