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Alison Byrne Fields

United States
LGBTQIA+, Health/Healthcare, Racial Injustice, Mass Incarceration & Criminal Justice Reform, Refugee Crisis and Immigration, Economic Injustice, Voting Rights, Women and Girls, Gender violence , Human Rights
Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Campaign Implementation
Cultural/racial identity:
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Alison Byrne Fields leads Aggregate, a Seattle-based creative strategy group that works with nonprofits, foundations, authors, and filmmakers to bring people and resources together to create social and policy change. As an impact producer, Alison has worked with award-winning filmmakers like Kim Reed (DARK MONEY), David France (WELCOME TO CHECHNYA), Robert Greene (PROCESSION), and Tia Lessin and Emma Pildes (THE JANES) to develop and execute upon campaigns that focus on serving the activists who are already working on the issue we're trying to address — and will be long after we're gone. She is currently producing her first film with director Sam Green, THE OLDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD, a documentary about the people who hold the record for being — you guessed it — the oldest person in the world. Alison earned her Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College and her Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.