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Alan Milligan

Climate Change, Child Welfare, Education, Privacy and Surveillance, Technology & Data, Labor issues, Human Rights
Alternative Distribution
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Man / Male


Alan's diverse background span the domains of politics, film and technology. As a producer, his films have garnered international acclaim, with "Rams" winning Un Certain Regard at Cannes, "Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere" securing the Critic's Award at Venice, and "Letter to the King" claiming the Dragon Award in Gothenburg. In total Alan has produced 7 feature films receiving more than 100 awards and nominations. In the tech sector, Alan co-created MCIS that set the safety standard for the $30 billion chemical tanker industry. MCIS was later acquired by Heidenreich Innovation in 2008. Currently, Alan is empowering the movie industry with White Rabbit, as an alternative to unsustainable platform subscription models. The aim to bridge the gap between filmmakers and audiences. This venture offers direct and frictionless content distribution, immediate settlement, and extensive data access for rights holders. Leveraging a platform-agnostic approach, Alan wonders why we should sell our films to platforms with 200 million people when we can own our films and distribute directly to 5 billion people through social networks and messaging apps.