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Akshay Shankar

Disability Rights, Human Rights
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Akshay Shankar is a filmmaker and the CEO of CurleyStreet Media. After four successful years in investment banking, Akshay chose to pursue his first love, filmmaking. Since his foray into cinema, Akshay has donned many hats like that of a director, producer, and writer. He made his directorial debut in 2014 with ‘Two Feet To Fly’, India’s first film on marathon running. Akshay Shankar is the co-director of Rooting for Roona, along with Pavitra Chalam. Pavitra and Akshay presented Rooting for Roona (RFR) at India's first GoodPitch forum in 2014. They were subsequently invited to participate in the IDFA Global Impact Producers Assembly in Amsterdam in 2016. Rooting for Roona was released worldwide on Netflix on October 15th, 2020. Akshay developed a grassroots impact and awareness campaign around maternal health. The campaign comprises a series of videos on preventive maternal health to be used as training resources for frontline health workers and as health education tools for the community. The project is currently being piloted in rural Karnataka [India] in partnership with local healthcare organizations. He along with Pavitra also developed a campaign on Bystander Intervention focussed on violence against women titled #HowWillWeRespond.