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Abeer Bayazidi

United Arab Emirates, Jordan
Arabic, English
Climate Change, Education, Racial Injustice, Hunger/Food insecurity, Refugee Crisis and Immigration, Women and Girls, Gender violence , Human Rights
Educational materials, Impact Producing, Consulting, Impact Strategist/Advisor, Campaign Implementation, Designing impact guides, Training, Impact evaluation
Cultural/racial identity:
Kurdish, Arab, Indo-Europian
Self identification:


Abeer Bayazidi is an impact producer with more than 12 years of diversified experience in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, covering all aspects of outreach, communication, to training and running wider environment sustainability programs, to public relations and advocacy to heighten awareness and influence perspective. Abeer currently works as the Training and Content Director of Greener Screen, where she works with filmmakers, writers and content creators to educate, advocate and showcase environmental sustainability and social justice causes. Abeer believes that the media and audiovisual industry offer a great platform to host positive conversations and create awareness to causes of social justice and environmental sustainability through content. As an Impact producer, she has managed to collaborate with multiple projects where she created strategies and implemented campaigns such as localising the naked house experience where it told the story of packaging and the impact of plastic waste and the solutions and co-launching sustainable living to create environmental awareness using the power of films. Currently Abeer is working with two Jordanian documentaries and one Arab narrative film to create their impact strategy via her newly founded boutique impact studio “Common Good” She is interested in building a network with impact producers/strategists, funders and broadcasters.